Making the impossible, possible.

You may think that your problem is beyond help and that it is one of those ailments that you have resigned yourself to having to live with. You have tried everything and nothing has worked, even your GP and Consultant have told you that no more can be done. But let me tell you, that does not have to be the case.

Rod was a hard working family man who had been viciously attacked in his city centre. After spending several weeks in hospital his consultant told him he was lucky to be alive. Some of his nerves had been severed on both sides of his head leaving him without any sense of taste and smell. His consultant told him he would never be able to taste or smell anything ever again.

After living without taste or smell for almost four years, unable to enjoy a meal or a pint of beer or any tastes or smells we all take for granted, he came to see me and after only two sessions his ability to taste and smell returned completely and remains so to this day, three years later.

I include Rod’s story here to let you know that there is always something you can try.

If you have an ailment that up until now just won’t go away and stopping you from leading a full and active life then why not give me a call and I will be happy to discuss your problem with you in complete confidence and I suspect there is a good chance that we can find some solutions. I look forward to hearing from you.