My Purpose at This Time

I am sure that many people would agree and recognise that this is a unique time in human history.
When you speak to people and ask them for an opinion regarding where they believe our planet and the human race is headed, many would have concerns over climate change, others would say we are in the end times prophesised in the Book of Revelations in the Bible and close to the time of the second coming of Jesus.
There are those who put all their faith in science and believe AI and technology will save us.

My feeling is that this is indeed a very special time in our history.
Even at the age of five or six I knew that the end of our 20th century would bring amazing changes and herald in a new age.
I believe I have spent every decade of my life preparing for this time, trying to fully understand what’s really going on in our world, so I would be ready, both mentally and physically to carry out what I believe I agreed too before I incarnated on the earth-plane.

Many, like me, are here to help at this time.

When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 the affects were felt, not only in Japan, but across our galaxy and further out into the universe. The higher beings and Galactics realised that human-kind would never be able to raise its consciousness as required to move into a new age as was the plan, close to the end of the century.

They were unable to interfere in human activities, but were able and allowed to incarnate on the earth, into human bodies, to help with the ‘ascension’.

So, word went around the universe, that earth needs help! Who will go and help the earth and humanity?
Many beings offered to leave their home planet or dimension and incarnate into a human body to help us to raise our consciousness to a higher level, so that we could all live in a peaceful, more loving world.
What they were not told was how difficult living on this planet would be. Their experience of life was so very different to ours here.
They were not used to all the suffering and pain on our planet, the way people are treated and the heavy dense emotions.
Many haven’t been able to stay, it was all too much for them. When they volunteered, they had no idea what it was going to be like. There are many who are homesick, they miss their home planet and feel like they never belonged here, never really able to fit in.

My purpose at this time is to help others find the truth of who they are, to help them find their purpose, even taking them back to their home planet and to feel the love from their family and the beings there. That has happened many times.

I also know that I am here to assist people to release all old negative energy that no longer serves them and to bring healing from the higher realms of love and light.

My work can help people to unlock their past lives and to discover so many of their issues, thoughts and feelings, actually originated in a past life. Many of the people in their current life were also in past lives with them and they realise that there are unresolved issues between them, which is why they are back together to try and sort out the problems.

In conclusion, I would like to say that my ‘knowing’ is that our Mother Earth and Human-Kind will ascend into a new consciousness, that we will get through what ever happens in the next few months and years and move into a new golden age of love and light.

I believe it’s now a done deal. Many of my clients have been taken, through hypnosis to this new earth and consciousness and experienced what it’s going to be like to live there. When they return, they are always so emotional and find it difficult to put into words, just how amazing it all is going to be.

Many of us are here to shine our light, to fill the earth and all her inhabitants with this light; Just by walking down the street you are fulfilling your purpose, the reason you are here right now. Shine on!

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