I have never been a big fan of video meeting platforms, like Skype or Zoom, particularly for my work as a spiritual hypnotherapist. I did try many years ago to hold sessions online with clients, on Skype mostly, I’m not even sure Zoom was around then, but the main problem was the technology.

These companies were still in their infancy and no sooner had someone gone into trance at the start of their session, when the screen would suddenly go blank and we would both be in limbo, sometimes for just minutes, often for much longer and on occasions the connection was completely lost.

So, after some months of trying I decided to stick to face to face sessions, which I have done for fifteen years, until of course, ‘lockdown’. This changed everything. There was no other way. We were no longer allowed clients at my practise, so I was forced to reconsider using Skype or Zoom as a way of seeing clients. I was naturally reluctant at first, but soon realised the technology had improved hugely and found that Zoom was particularly reliable and wasn’t so likely to let me down.

I have now spent eighteen months or more, working with my clients on Zoom and found it to be safe, solid and dependable. Although we are now allowed clients back in my practice, I do still hold some sessions online, especially for those who would have to travel a long distance. It actually works just as well. I know many people prefer face to face sessions, but working online isn’t really that much different.

I would like to tell you about one of my clients, who lives in the South of England and in her late seventies. She would never have been able to journey all this way to see me here in the North-East, so we were able to hold regular sessions on Zoom to help her with memory trauma. I will call her Avril, who had recently returned to the UK from living in India for fourteen years.

During that time, she had opened an animal sanctuary, for various animals, mainly dogs. The level of cruelty that she witnessed had left her in distress, constantly reliving in her mind some of the most horrific scenes and having nightmares, preventing her from having a good night’s sleep.

I used a combination of Spiritual Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping Therapy to help Avril release those painful memories. On one occasion, when in a deep trance state, she had found herself in the higher realms and she became aware of many of the dogs and other animals she had rescued over the years, who had since passed. They had come to her, to let her know they were in a good place and being looked after and to thank her for her kindness. She could feel their love for her which helped to bring her peace.

This work with Avril would never have been possible if it wasn’t for Zoom and other platforms like it. I will continue to work online when asked to do so, for all aspects of my hypnotherapy work, whether it’s past life regression, spiritual or clinical hypnotherapy.

Future Workshops that might interest you.

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    Although I do hold individual spiritual hypnosis sessions for weight loss, I am preparing a 2-hour workshop for a small group in January. This workshop will cover all major aspects of weight loss and be held at my practice. The cost is just £10.

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