A Spiritual Detox

I Want Me Back!

Can you remember a time when you were so full of life, always so energised and ready to take on the world? You had a glow about you and nothing really fazed you like it does now.

Well maybe it’s time to bring that part of you back, to feel the joy of life again, to be fully motivated as you once were. It could be, that what you need is a spiritual detox.

A session lasts 3 hours and uses both spiritual hypnosis and EFT tapping therapy combination which work wonderfully together to release all the old negative energy and bring about a major cleansing.

During the session you will travel to higher dimensional realms where you will be able to visit amazing healing temples and receive powerful healing energy from the spiritual beings and angels.

At the close of the session you will leave feeling much, much lighter, re-energised and with the knowing that the ‘ME’ you wanted back is leaving with you.

The three hour session cost £55 with a break in the middle for tea or coffee.

As always you are welcome to bring along a friend for support.

To book a Spiritual Detox session or for further information please contact Keith@keithchastonhypnotherapy.co.uk

or telephone:  0191 2575527