Activating Your 3rd Eye

I know that for many people at this time, opening their third eye is something that they really want to achieve and is a very important part of their spiritual development.

There are various practises that can help to open up the third eye, like meditation and these can be very useful, but there is another way and that is spiritual hypnosis.

When you drift into spiritual hypnosis, you connect with your subconscious mind and activate your inner vision, along with your other inner senses of hearing, taste, touch and smell.

You journey to a higher realm where you can meet with some of your spirit guides, who will help you with various higher dimensional practices to open your third eye. Providing it is the right time and there are no spiritual reasons why it would not be possible, then your guides will work on all the various aspects of activating your third eye, including your pineal gland and heart chakra.

My third eye activation programme covers three sessions of around one and a half hours per session and the cost for the complete programme is £95. It is recommended that the three sessions are held about a week apart.