Anxiety, stress and panic attacks

I feel that life has over taken me, that it hits me from all sides and I am no longer in control. My stress levels are so high and I am finding it hard to cope.

Does that sound like you or someone you know?

If that’s the case then spiritual hypnosis can help you. During the session you journey to a higher place where your spirit guides and those who are working with you are waiting to greet you and they will begin to fill you with powerful healing energies, releasing all the stress and anxiety and bringing peace and calm to every part of you.

These loving higher beings will explain the origin of this anxiety or the panic attacks and help to dissolve away any negative energies leaving you feeling in control of your life once again and able to cope with whatever comes along.

A spiritual hypnosis session for anxiety, stress and panic attacks can last an hour and a half and the cost is £45. As always you are welcome to bring along a friend or family member.