Archangel Michael

One of the most beloved higher being’s that helps in almost every spiritual hypnosis session is Archangel Michael.

He always joins whoever is having the spiritual hypnosis and most often, cuts the negative energetic chords that are connected to the past as events and emotions. I always ask Archangel Michael to tell them how many chords he was able to cut with his mighty sword and he lets the person know the exact number.

Sometimes he appears before them so clearly and with others he is seen as a brilliant light, but he is always there helping to release old negative energy and bringing peace.

Archangel Michael was also with me, guiding my hand as I was writing my first book ‘The Reincarnation of Saint Bernadette’. I an still grateful to him for his love and light and constant support.

Please know that you can call on him at anytime to help and support you through any difficult period and he will be there. If you need protecting, you just need to ask, he will surround you with his cloak of protection.