Current Life Regression

Sometimes it may be necessary to go back to events in this current life time to access details that may have been long forgotten.

Often people have no memory of their childhood and need to understand why their subconscious has blocked out those early memories, which can help them to understand why they feel the way they do. A current life regression can also help you to understand any missing time that you cannot account for, could be just minuets or hours, or even days. A regression can take you back to that time and let you experience what actually happened and why that ‘time’ was erased.

It may be that you have lost or mislaid an item that you have searched everywhere for but just cannot find it.

A current life regression session can take you back to the exact moment with clarity when you last had the object.

A current life regression can last around an hour or possibly longer if needed and the cost is £45.

As always you are always welcome to bring a friend or family member.

Please Contact me to arrange your session