The Hypno Club

Every Tuesday All welcome

Held at 2 – Rosebery Avenue, North Shields, NE29 9PQ

Time – Doors open 7:00 for a 7.30pm start.

Cost – £5

Each week exploring something different and exciting with spiritual hypnosis such as:
•Remote Viewing
•Virtual holiday
•Exploring Realms

Insomnia workshop
Sunday March 10th
2pm – 4pm
£10 per person including tea/coffee and biscuits.
If you or someone you know has difficulty sleeping, very often taking hours to drift off, sometimes waking during the night and unable to get back to sleep again then this workshop will be perfect for you.
Using a combination of hypnotherapy and EFT tapping therapy to help restore your natural ability to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep each and every night so easily and effortlessly.
This workshop will help you to release any blocks or resistance to sleeping soundly and help to quieten the mind of chatter and constant thoughts so that when your head touches the pillow each and every night you are abe to drift into a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

Mind, Body and Spirit Fair

9th March 2019

11am – 3pm

Linskill Holistic Fayre, North Shields.

Mind, Body and Spirit fair

Saturday 2nd March

10am – 3:30 December to be held at The Vault, 31 Station Road, Wallsend NE28 6SZ

Design your own Orgonite Pyramid using Hypnosis

2 part workshop dates —- April 13th 2pm and April 27th 2pm

Join Keith and Hailey for a magical 2 part group workshop, designing your very own Orgone Intention Pyramid! Using Hypnosis!

In Part 1 You will learn how I make them and design each special layer of your very own custom made pyramid. I will take you through each step on how to choose the right crystals and you will attune them yourself using Hypnosis, just as I do.

This group session will be fun and uplifting, picking crystals and metals, glitters and colours.

Leave your designs in safe hands for me to bring to life during the week using resin. You will see each layer exactly how you designed it encased in resin.

Keith will take us on magical hypnosis journeys to heighten our intuition to really know just how your pyramids should be. It’s amazing that during hypnosis you become so sure of how the certain crystals should be arranged and your design process comes so easily!

Hypnosis also helps you to become aware as to which energies should be inside your pyramid to help you. Intentions are so powerful, and you will learn how to harness the energies to match your intentions and bring that added benefit to your pyramid too.

Do you want to add peace? Love or joy? Do you want the intention of being able to connect to spirit guides? The possibilities are endless in hypnosis and now you get the chance to experience that, just as I do.

In part two …. You get to see your creation brought to life! More hypnosis and a chance to learn how to use your pyramid, your very own creation.

Day 1 – 3-4 hours of hypnosis and designing
Day 2 – 1-2 hours of hypnosis and getting to know your pyramid

10 tickets available for this work shop and you must be able to attend both days to get the full benefit.

Ticket price is £30

Tickets can be purchased via PayPal or transfer. You can send a message for payment details or for any questions you may have about this workshop.
Hailey and Keith.