Fears and Phobias

People often ask me, what is the difference between a fear and a phobia?

It’s simply, when a fear becomes debilitating and prevents you from living a normal life, that’s when a fear becomes a phobia. A good example is if you want to go on a holiday abroad and flying is the only real option, if you have a fear of flying and your fear is so strong it prevents you from taking that holiday then it would be classed as a phobia.

Public speaking can be daunting for many people and sometimes this fear can prevent you from moving on in the workplace as often you may be asked to make a presentation and you find every excuse as to why you can’t!

Using a combination of EFT tapping therapy and spiritual hypnosis can release that fear or phobia sometimes in just minutes enabling you to be free to live your life to the full.

An architect came to see me for a fear of heights. He wanted to work in London but the interview for the job was on the seventh floor of this very tall building and he just couldn’t go up in the lift to take the interview so he knew then that he had a serious problem and had to get it sorted. Using spiritual hypnosis we found the cause which had originated in a past life over 12,000 years ago. He had fallen from a cliff edge while hunting and that fear had stayed with his soul for all that time. As soon as we made that discovery the fear left him and he was able to live a normal life again.

A spiritual hypnosis session for fears and phobias can last around an hour and a half and the cost is £45.