Improving Your Meditation Skills

More and more we are being told that we should meditate and connect with our higher self and those who are working with us at this time, but many of us do find this difficult, no matter what different practises we have learnt or how hard we try,  we just don’t seem to get very much, maybe an occasional bright light or even some images that flash briefly before us, but that’s about it, so you get put off and rarely try to meditate these days.

Well, spiritual hypnotherapy can help take your meditations to a whole new level.

I will take you on a journey to a beautiful higher realm, normally 5th dimensional, where you will be given instructions by your spirit guides on how you can connect with them during a meditation. While in this higher level your guides will help you to release any blocks or resistance that you may have had for meditation. You will find after the spiritual hypnosis that you will be able to quieten the mind easily and drift deeper into meditation than ever before. Most people find that all their inner senses are activated and messages are able to be received so much easier than before.

A session of Improving Your Meditation Skills lasts just over an hour and the cost is £35.

As always you are welcome to bring along a friend or family member for support.