Spiritual Journeys

During a spiritual hypnosis session your spirit guides and higher self work with you to guide and support you.

Could you ever have imagined that you could find yourself sitting on a hillside having a profound conversation with Archangel Michael? or even travelling back to the time of Jesus and find yourself sitting in the crowd listening to his sermon on the mount. These are just a few of the many exciting things that you can experience through spiritual hypnosis.

Maybe you would like to experience a galactic journey and meet up with your star brothers and sisters or discover what planet you lived on before incarnating on the Earth. Many people at this time are feeling depressed and a bit fed up with life, sometimes never truly feeling a part of everything and not really knowing why, but often it’s because they are just homesick and missing their home planet. During a galactic journey you can visit your home planet, discover what type of planet it is and where in the universe it is situated. You would also be able to experience yourself as you were¬† in that lifetime and find out why you left to come to Earth. One of these sessions can be life changing.

There are so many amazing journeys to choose from, including developing your psychic abilities, being able to see auras and help to advance your channelling skills.