The Reincarnation Of Saint Bernadette Book

In June of 2013 I met a lady called Kathryn, who was keen to tell me about her trip the following month to Lourdes in France and how excited she was. Kathryn went on to explain that she visited Lourdes every year and that each time she went, it felt like she was going home.

I happened to mention that I was a past life regressionist and if she ever wanted to explore a possible past life in Lourdes then to let me know.

Kathryn finally decided to have a regression 2 years later and was totally shocked to discover that she was the Reincarnation of Bernadette, the young French girl who saw the visions of ‘The Lady’ in Lourdes, France in 1858.

We went on to record fourteen hours of Bernadette’s life story which has now been transcribed into book form and will be available soon….