Journey to Atlantis

When most people think of Atlantis, they more often than not, think of it as a mythical place of legend, lost deep in the Atlantic ocean.

Over the years many people, during a past life regression, have gone back to a life in Atlantis. This mythical place really did exist 13,000 years ago and indeed did sink to the depth of the Atlantic ocean.

Spiritual hypnosis can take you on a journey to Atlantis, to visit Atlantis in it’s hey day, you can meet with the people, the various races, explore the city, the mountains, coastline, visit the temples and experience their 5th dimensional technology.

Many people alive at this time had a life in Atlantis and some had more than one Atlantean lifetime, as Atlantis existed for thousands of years. A spiritual hypnosis session may spark some memories of a life that you had in Atlantis.

Your journey begins in a higher dimensional realm, where you will be met by your spirit guide who will take the journey with you and direct you to all the important sites. For many it is an amazing experience and some people choose to experience more than once.

A spiritual journey to Atlantis can last around an hour and a half and the cost is £45.